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Mentor Profile

Ahmed Kamal

Work Experience:
- Currently working as a French Teacher at New Manor House

- Worked as a French Teacher at Port Said School- Zamalek

- Worked as a French Teacher  internally transferred to Cleopatra School- Heliopolis Educational District.

- Worked as a French Teacher at the High Military School for boys  – Heliopolis Educational district.
. Total Years of experience: 17 years.
. Annual appraisal report: Excellent for each scholar year.

Educational History:
- Bachelor of Pedagogy and Literature, French Section, Ain - Shams University,  1997.
- High School Diploma from a French School "Collège De La Salle",  1993.
- French Certificate "Alliance Française", Diplôme de Langue Française, 1991.
- Development Training Course subordinated to the Ministry of Education and National Institutes from 8/4/2001 to 11/4/2001.

- Two training courses in “Class Management” subordinated to the Ministry of Education, December, 2001.

- Certificate of  “Class Management” from the Heliopolis Educational Authority 2001.

- Preparation Course for “the First Teacher” subordinated to National Institutes in collaboration with the French Cultural Center and the Ministry of Education, October, 2002.

- Certificate of “Pedagogical difficulties” from the technological development Center, 2002.

- Attestation “TCF”(Test de Connaissance Du Français) from the International Center for pedagogical studies, December, 2006.

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